The Faces of Groesbeek

2 - 16 May 2020
Faces of Groesbeek
Who are our liberators? We make them visible with the photo project ‘The Faces of Groesbeek’.

In the context of "75 years of freedom", the Faces to Graves foundation is organizing the event ‘The Faces of Groesbeek’ at the Canadian War Cemetery on the Zevenheuvelenweg in Groesbeek.

In May 2020, we will place all the photos already available at the graves, to give you an impression of these young men who lost their lives in the fight to give us freedom.

If you have a photo or information about one of the soldiers, please contact
The purpose of the nonprofit organisation 'Faces to Graves' is to paint a picture of the person in the grave by compiling his life story, preferably with a photo and perhaps a copy of a letter or other memento. We make stories accessible in a Digital Monument.

Berg en Dal Remembers 75 years of freedom


In order to make this event possible, we ask for your contribution.
Take part in the 'Donate a photo' promotion, € 10 for one photo.

Donations by credit card or PayPal are welcome, you can use the donation button here
A donation of 10 euro will cost approx. 15 Cdlr. Under section 4 you may use reference "May 2020'.

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