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We are searching for photos and information about the soldiers who are buried at the Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery in The Netherlands.
Initiated by a lady who is not afraid to try the impossible…
This may be your first thought when you realize that there are 2590 names on the headstones and 1029 names of missing soldiers on the Memorial Wall.
And not to forget the headstones of unidentified casualties with only the words: ‘Known unto God’.


We have to pay tribute to those young soldiers who lost their lives so far away from home fighting for our freedom.
Especially now most of their comrades are not able to do this any longer.
We would like to recognize every single one of them by a photo and the story of his life, so they will never be forgotten.


Set up by three members of the Royal Canadian Legion, Dutch Branch 005 – Liberation of The Netherlands –

We need your help to build a virtual memorial.

Ask around and encourage people to send photo’s, copies of documents, newspaper cuttings and stories of their family members, friends, neighbours etc.


Please send us your information by mail or email


WO2 Gelderland

Faces To Graves Groesbeek, Holten and Bergen op Zoom combine efforts in the National Foundation Canadian War Graves Netherlands.


Donations by credit card or PayPal are welcome (for example: a donation of 25 euro will cost approx 37.50 Cdlr.).

Please note that the Dutch banks do not process checks!


Committee of Recommendation:

-Gerd Prick – former Mayor of Groesbeek.
-Mark Slinkman – Mayor of Berg en Dal
-Paul Wilbers – former Mayor of Ubbergen, Chairman of the Board of the National Liberation Museum 1944-1945
-Johan Willemstein - former leader Nijmegen 4Day Marches

-Alice E. van Bekkum-van 't Verlaat, president / Research Team.. Read more.
-Dick Akerboom, vice-president. Read more.
-Adriaan R. van der Pol, MBA,
treasurer / secretary. Read more.

-Jelle Reitsma, Brigadier General (ret.) Royal Netherlands Army. Read more.

-Julie Allen, International Communications Canada. Read more



Postal address:
Sprokkelveld 68B
The Netherlands

KvK: 63388812

IBAN: NL78 ABNA 0592 2443 93

Click here to read the Faces to Graves Executive Summary.


What you don't see on our website is the research that is done by our Research Team. Behind the scenes, hard work is being done on the realization of this huge project. Not only by the volunteers of the Research Team, but also by the members of the board. Through the heart-warming reactions of relatives in Canada we get inspiration to continue. They sometimes even send us complete life stories!

But we also get life stories from High Schools (Lest We Forget), individuals and organizations. These contributions are very valuable and are greatly appreciated; every contribution means that another soldier has been removed from anonymity.

Cemetery sign


Stanley Park

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We keep their memory alive by telling their stories

Tombstone and Flags

Please help us to build this Digital Monument

Do you have a photo or information about a soldier buried in Groesbeek or whose name is mentioned on the Memorial because he is missing, please contact us:


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Listen to items about Faces To Graves. Click on the link to listen an item.

Interview Faces To Graves: 24 March 2019 Radio Berg en Dal, program ‘Then and Now’ Note: 134mb | In Dutch


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Legion Magazine november 2018

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The 75th anniversary of the liberation of Holland from Nazi occupation is this spring and a group of volunteers in the Netherlands and Canada is working to tell the stories of the soldiers who died freeing that country at the end of WWII:

Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery:

Interview Veteran Affairs Wageningen 5 May 2015:

Pilot Officer Frederick William Campbell:

Harriet’s travel to visit her Dad’s grave in Groesbeek 15 Sep 2017:

Wish of a Lifetime 15 Sep 2017:

Interview about Faces To Graves 16 Sep 2017 (by Wish of a Lifetime):

How I experienced visit Harriet Jeneraux 16 Sep 2017 (by Wish of a Lifetime):

Interview TV Berg en Dal 18 Dec 2018:

Nijmegen Marches interview cemetery about Robert Allen Weese 19 Jul 2018:

Nijmegen Marches interview cemetery about Anthony Barbaro 18 Jul 2019:

17 September TV Gelderland live broadcast ‘75 years of freedom’ interview with USA Ambassador Pete Hoekstra, Qader Shafiq, writer and Alice van Bekkum, Faces to Graves Foundation:

20 September RN7 part of live broadcast ‘75 years Market Garden - The Crossing’ interview with Alice van Bekkum about the work of Faces to Graves:

CBC: 75th anniversary of Holland’s liberation marked with online tributes – 5 May 2020 CBC The National:


At the moment no ceremonies, activities etc. are scheduled due to the Coronavirus.


Dutch Liberation Canadian Society
Van Noort Bulb
In our fathers footsteps
Het Zwaantje
Commonwealth War Graves SEW Fonds
Concordia De Keizer Gemeente Berg en Dal
De Tinnen Roos Sint Michael Kringloop


Watch the video here
Tulpen 1

Photo Kim Huvenaars
Tulpen 2

Photo Henk Baron
Tulpen 3

Photo Henk Baron
Tulpen 5

Photo Henk Baron
Tulpen 4

Photo Henk Baron
Omroep Berg en Dal
Tulpen 6

Photo Henk Baron


On Saturday 13 August 2019 the President of the Faces To Graves Foundation (called Faces to Graves) was honoured with the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers by the Canadian Governor General Julie Payette. The ceremony took place at HMCS St. John’s in the harbour of Vlissingen.

Comment Alice van Bekkum: I feel very honoured, but I also know that I cannot do this on my own. So this award is also for the volunteers of Faces to Graves!

Read more on:
HMCS St. John’s

HMCS St. John’s
the Canadian Ambassador greets Alice

the Canadian ambassador greets Alice
the moment is there

the moment is there
ship bell

ship bell
Governor General hands out the award

Governor General hands out the award
The four awarded, together with Ambassador Sabine Nölke and Governor General Julie Payette

The four awarded, together with Ambassador Sabine Nölke and Governor General Julie Payette


Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers
Médaille du souverain pour les bénévoles

Alice van Bekkum
Milsbeek, Netherlands

Alice van Bekkum is the co-founder, president and research coordinator of Faces to Canadian War Graves Groesbeek Foundation, an organization that collects information on fallen Canadian soldiers involved in the 1945 liberation of the Netherlands. Pursuing a mission to create a virtual memorial to Canada's fallen in the Netherlands, she has helped gather the photos and life stories of more than 2000 Canadians buried at the Groesbeek War Cemetery

Alice van Bekkum est Ia cofondatrice, présidente et coordonnatrice des recherches de la Faces to Canadian War Graves Groesbeek Foundation, organisation qui recueille de l'informatíon sur les soldats canadiens morts au combat ayant participé à Ia libération des Pays-Bas en 1945. Dans le cadre de sa mission visant à créer un monument virtuel à Ia mémoire des Canadiens tombés aux Pays-Bas, etle a aidé à rassembler les photos et les récits de plus de 2000 Canadiens enterrés au cimetière militaire de Groesbeek.


Royal Canadian Legion – Branch 005 –Liberation of The Netherlands:

Stichting Groesbeek Airborne Friends:

The Association of the 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s):

The Roll Call of Honour –To honour ALL that served Canada

Gathering Our Heroes – Chatham-Kent WWI and WWII enlistments

Powell River's Unsung Heros Of World War II

History of the village Groesbeek:

Stichting Tremele:

War dead nijmegen 1940-1945:

The Arnhem Roll of Honour database:

For information about Apeldoorn and the Second World War:

Edwin van der Wolf, Canadian Scottish Regiment